If you are dedicated and reclaimed many services in a short period, your inbox can quickly become filled with emails. Don't worry; this is not spam. Many companies are responding to your DSR to complete and confirm your request. 🙂

Follow the steps below to keep track of your incoming deletion replies from companies.

  1. Log into your Gmail account, search for "data erasure request" in your inbox, and click on "Show search options" on the right side of the search bar.

    Note: Make sure you're logged in with the same account you used to sign up with Mine.

  2. Next, click on the "Create filter" left of the search button.

  3. Tick "Skip the Inbox" and "Apply the label" and choose "new label," then "Create."

    You can enter your desired label name, for example, "Mine DSR communications."

  4. If you wish to add previous emails, click on "Also apply the filter to X matching conversations."

  5. Click "Create filter," and you're all done. From now on, your email requests will come straight to this email folder, which will make it way easier for you to maintain an overview between your requests and other work or personal emails 🤩

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