Different laws apply to each company, depending on the specific company you're reclaiming your data from. An EU user or a company that has an establishment in the EU has to apply to GDPR, the European privacy regulation. According to GDPR, a company has 30 days to comply with your request. These 30 days restart if and when the company asks a user to identify further.

If you have not received a response after a few days, we recommend that you ping them and ask them what the status of your request is. This will increase the level of urgency on the company side.

If the request is "Active," you can now interact with these services directly from the My Reclaims page.

Please note that the right to delete your data is not absolute. As not every company is located in a jurisdiction in which privacy regulations have been adopted yet and therefore is not obligated by law to delete its users' data.

To create more awareness about privacy issues, like companies not deleting your data, we'd love to invite you to participate in our new movement: #MyDataIsMine. If you use Twitter, simply tweet about your privacy experience with that specific company that refused to delete your data, and we will be sure to amplify your voice! You can check out our profile for other users' posts and get inspired. We can't promise it will make a change, but it can certainly help! 🤞🏼

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