Do you have an email address you don't use anymore, and you wish to clean up your digital history altogether?

Anytime you sign up for a service online with an email address, it is very likely that that company still holds data about you related to this email address. Here are the steps on how to properly remove data, delete accounts on various services, and close your email account:

Note: If you close an email account, you will lose access to any services you signed up for using that address.

  1. Sign up to Mine with the email address you want to close (we'll get to the email closing part, we promise 😉)

  2. View your digital footprint and reclaim your data from all the accounts connected to this email address.

    1. If you still want to use some services, change the email address there on your profile page to another email address. This means to the one you now use during your online interaction with services.

    2. Be patient while reclaiming; this process could take a couple of weeks, as you have to wait for companies' responses and manage your requests (through your inbox, so it's essential to have access to it still!)

  3. After you're happy with deleting all of your data services still held on to, reclaim your data from Mine. We're big on practicing what we preach. You can easily remove your data by clicking "Reclaim" on Mine on your footprint page.

  4. Your Mine account has been removed now. The last step is to delete your email account once and for all. As big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo ask you to follow their own external deletion process, we have them linked here for you:

  • How to close a Gmail email account

  • How to close a Microsoft email account

  • How to close a Yahoo email account

    Why not do step 4 right away?

    Closing an email account will block your access to every service you signed up for with that email address but might not delete your data on their side. If you wish to regain control at some point in the future, as some companies could still hold your email address, home address, phone number, or credit card details about you, this will not be possible. In addition, you won't be able to get into your Mine account.

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