Mine will notify you when a company responds to your deletion request. 🙂

Watch out for emails with the subject line: "Attention required: Company responded." The email will lead you to the company's response inside the app, where you can find the services under the section "Active" with the note at the bottom "[Company] responded, and your request seems to be completed. Confirm completion."

Click "Confirm completion," and your request will receive the "Completed" status.

If you have finished the deletion process of a service externally, you can also mark any active reclaim as completed yourself. Learn here how to do so.

To view the status of your reclaims in general, go to the My Reclaims page to find out.

In addition, you will see on your Overview page the number of "Data reclaims" going up! That's how you know that you're gaining back more and more control over your data.🤩

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