After requesting a reclaim with Mine, it can happen that a company, such as Google or Facebook, asks you to follow their external process. They will mostly give you their own instructions, which you can follow to remove your information from their databases.

Mine will notify you when a company responds to your deletion request. On your My Reclaims page, whenever a company responds or requires your attention following your deletion request, a yellow indicator will appear next to it:

You did it? Great! 🤩 After doing so, we highly recommend going back into the Mine app and marking this active reclaim you just made on your own as completed. This way, you'll have an organized overview of your digital footprint!

You can learn how to delete some of your social media accounts that require an external deletion process on our blog. 👀

Do you want to learn how to mark a service as completed? Check out this article: How can I mark a reclaim as completed?

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