Great, you're up to take a reclaim! This article will guide you from start to finish 🎉Follow along!

  1. Go to "My footprint."

  2. Click "Reclaim" on a service you don't use anymore and want to delete your data from.

  3. View the data erasure request and read carefully the note: "Your [company name] account and data will be deleted, but you can always sign up again."

  4. Then click "Send request."

    Note: You view the request on your Mine app, but it gets sent directly from your personal inbox, which means from your personal email address. You can head over to your email's sent items folder once your request is "Active" and see the email request there.

  5. Your reclaim has been queued to be sent out now! You'll find it in the "Waiting to be sent" section. 🎉

    Wasn't that very easy and fast? While you're already at it, let's take another reclaim to reduce your digital footprint step-by-step! 🤩

    What happens next?

  6. You can lay back and let Mine's technology do the job. 🙌🏼

    If our system is looking for the company's contact details, the request will be in the "Missing contact details" section. Learn more about what this and other sections mean here.

  7. After the company's contact details have been found/added and your request has been sent, the status of your request turns into "Active" (you'll also find the deletion request email in your email sent items folder).

  8. Mine will notify you when a company responds to your deletion request.

    Watch out for emails with the subject line: "Attention required: Company responded." The email will lead you to the company's response inside the app, where you can "Confirm completion" or respond to the company. To view the status of your reclaims in general, go to your My Reclaims page to find out.

  9. On your My Reclaims page, whenever a company responds or requires your attention following your deletion request, a yellow indicator will appear next to it:

    If you don't know how to respond to companies, this article will help you: What can I respond to a company's message?

    If a company doesn't reply after a long time, you can ping them. Read more about it here.

  10. After receiving a deletion confirmation from a company, click "Confirm completion," and your request will get the status "Completed." 🎉

You're now one step closer to having complete control over your digital footprint.

If you hop over to your Overview page, you will be able to see how your score improved. 🥳

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