If you decide to reclaim your data from a company, you have to send the relevant company an official Data Subject Request (DSR). Learn more about these requests in our blog article: You Have The Right To Speak Up. Anything You Do Can and Will Be Used - Online.

We make it easy for you to send a deletion request email to the company directly from your inbox once you permit us to do so. Every time you click "Reclaim" on a company, you will get a preview of this email before sending the reclaim request (you can also find the request by simply going to your mail's sent items folder).

To facilitate the process and help companies find you in their databases, our smart deletion request includes a data point of the date of your last interaction with the company.

Some companies will complete your request in one go and simply confirm the deletion while others might require you to continue the process in other ways (for example, external forms, logging in to your account, providing additional information, etc.).

We made it easy for you and created one single standard for you to reclaim your data. To keep track of the progress and complete the reclaim request, you can use the My Reclaims page or simply wait for us to notify you when it's time to take further action.

Note: The right to delete your data is not absolute. There are cases where companies won't be able to remove your information (due to compliance matters or other legal requirements). Also, note that the deletion request is sent from your own inbox so that all further interactions will be between you and the company by email.

What's next? Here's a guide that walks you through the reclaim process from A to Z using Mine.

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