Different types of data contain different types of information. When viewing a service's card and the information we provide you, you'll see the section "Type of data you share."

We listed below what information each section includes (but is not limited to). The crucial data indicated on top of each company card's social/behavior/identity/financial category are highlighted for you. :)

  • Social network data can include your contacts and family info, relationship mapping, conversations, preferences, photos, videos, etc.

  • Online behavior data can include your internet browsing history, location, used devices, shopping patterns, reactions, clicks, etc.

  • Identity data can include anything that allows companies to validate your identity beyond just your name and email address. Examples are; your home address, date of birth, phone number, passport, ID, and more.

  • Financial data can include your credit card number+expiration date and CVV, your billing address, digital wallet details, etc.

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