Do you keep your email inbox organized, or do you even clear it out regularly?

Now you wonder if Mine will still detect what companies hold your data?

  • If these emails are stored in your deleted items folder, Mine will still find the interactions you had with a company and add them to your digital footprint! 🤩

  • If you emptied your deleted items folder, then, unfortunately, our technology can't find proof of the interaction you had with the companies.

  • If you suspect you're missing certain companies in your online footprint discovery, make sure to go over your spam folder and unmark those emails if available. Our technology excludes the spam folder during the scanning process.

Mine's technology also scans different category labels you might have, such as promotions or social. Please note that the spam folder is excluded from the discovery process.

But, as it is very common that you'll get email notifications from companies you subscribed to every couple of weeks, Mine can detect those traces from newer emails you'll get in your inbox.

To learn more about organizing your inbox, check out this article: How can I organize my reclaim requests in my Gmail inbox?

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