The bigger your digital footprint, the higher the chances that your personal data will end up in the wrong hands, as data breaches sadly happen more often than you would think.

A data breach is a security issue in which data collected and used by a company regarding their own or their customers are being exposed. The data then could be published online or traded on the dark web, causing severe damage.

That's why we at Mine encourage you to go through the services that hold your data and request a reclaim if you don't use that company's service anymore. Using Mine makes it easy for you to minimize your online exposure and risks while you continue to enjoy the internet and its benefits without limitations.

On the company's card, you can view how severe the risk of data exposure is for that specific service. The number on the scale is ​​based on the data types you share and the industry's breach potential.

Check out this article on our blog to learn more about data breaches and how to prevent them. 👀

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