After logging into your Mine account and clicking on the My footprint page on the sidebar, you can explore all companies that potentially hold your data. Every company is shown by a company card, which first tells you:

  • The name of the company, including its logo,

  • The company's industry,

  • and when you joined the service (the date of the first email in your inbox).

By clicking "Reclaim" or anywhere on the card, the company card will open.

There you'll find:

  • A link to the company's website,

  • how often you use this service,

  • the type of data you share,

  • the company's industry breach potential,

  • your risk of data exposure,

  • how many users already reclaimed their data from this company,

  • emails you received from the service (serves as evidence),

  • Privacy hero badge - a badge we grant companies who process reclaim requests in less than 14 days,

  • and the option to mark this company with "I need it" or start the reclaim process by clicking "Reclaim."

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