You can find the date and email of the interaction you had with the company by clicking on the company card on your "My footprint" page, followed by "See recent emails". The date is a data point of your last email interaction with the specific service, which serves as evidence of the company holding your data, at the very least your name and email address.

Our technology identifies traces of past interactions that can be found in the user's email inbox, such as "Welcome to Facebook" or "Your Amazon Receipt."

This means that every company in your footprint has previously sent you an email indicating a relationship that involves personal data.

By looking up the relevant company name in your inbox, you'll find proof of your existing account and any other correspondence you've had with them in the past. Sometimes, companies will respond to a request saying they can't find you in their database; if that happens, look up their name in your email inbox and prove them wrong. 🙂

Tip: You can also search for the specific date mentioned in the deletion request email to look up the interaction.

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