If you want to know more about a specific service in your footprint, check out the link to the company's website and further facts we added for you, such as the company's industry risk level or what type of data you potentially share with them.

This will hopefully refresh your memory and allow you to make a conscious decision about each service in your footprint🤓

Furthermore, every service presented to you on your footprint page has a reference email in your inbox. By searching in your mailbox, you can find all relevant emails and interactions with that service. This might help you figure out what this service is and if it is valuable for you or if you wish to reclaim your data from it. 🙂

Tip: Look for the exact website's address that's linked to the company card, as the address could for example also end with [company].us

If you couldn't find the service you are looking for in your inbox, let us know at support@saymine.com and we'll check our records.

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