After finding out what services hold your data, you can decide if you want to mark it as needed or to place a reclaim request.

If you still need the service and use it frequently, mark it as needed, and if you don't use it anymore, you can reclaim your data. You can see on your Overview page your data ownership progress in %.

Note: You'll reach 100% on your data ownership progress on your Overview page by making decisions about every service in your footprint.

Mark a service as needed

  1. In your account's sidebar, click "My Footprint."

  2. Click anywhere on a company card; this brings you inside the card to view more information.

  1. Mark it as "I need it" by clicking on the assigned button.

You can now find this company card under the category "Services you marked as needed."

Note: To reclaim data from a service you previously marked as needed, first mark it as "I don't need it," then reclaim it.

If you're about to take your first reclaim, check out this article here, it'll guide you through the whole reclaiming process, so you'll know what awaits you.

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