If a service does not appear in your footprint, it can be for one of two reasons:

  1. Interaction with another email address

    If you think you interacted with a company online, but the service is missing from your footprint, you might have used another email address when interacting with the specific service.

    To check if this is indeed the case, search the inbox with which you registered to Mine for the company's name.

  2. Alias email account

    The other reason you might not be able to view some services in your footprint is that you use an alias email address through your Google/Microsoft/Yahoo email account.

    Wondering what is an alias email address? (We were curious too 👀)

    An alias is an email address that forwards all of the mail it receives to another address you specify. Users are able to create multiple email aliases, each with its own domain.

    Currently, our technology will filter out services you interacted with using an alias email address.

    This is because companies usually require that you send them a request directly from the email account initially registered. In other words, most companies won't respect a request sent from an alias account; that's why they are not visible to you to reclaim.

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