Did you see our new Autopilot Beta feature?

Note: The auto-reply will be on by default, but you can turn it off at any time. You will be able to see if it's turned on or off on your "My reclaims" page, as shown above.

After you send a deletion request email to a company, they may reach out to you to ask you for further questions to process your request. Especially when sending out multiple deletion requests, this can lead to the time-consuming task of email responding. ⏱

That’s why we at Mine have studied thousands of questions that companies ask in response to reclaim requests to be able to suggest the most suitable reply and thus save everyone’s time. 🥳

If enabled, Mine’s technology will recognize the questions companies ask and an automated reply will be sent from you to answer their request. The reply email will, as the original privacy request too, come straight from your inbox. As it’s an automatic reply, the email has “Sent using Mine” at the end of the message instead of your personal goodbye.

Look out for emails that still need your attention, such as completing requests and cases where our technology does not recognize a company’s intention and requires your own reply.

On the My Reclaims page, you can see the automatic reply that Mine sent to the company by looking at the tag “Auto-Reply”.

If you prefer to respond to your requests without the auto-reply, simply head over to My Profile and turn off the auto-reply.

Available replies:

  • If a company asks you to verify your information:

"Hello and thank you for the reply!

Here are my details so you can complete my request:

Name: Jane Doe

Email: your@email.com

Country: Your country

I'll happily provide more information if needed to complete my request.

Thank you,

Jane Doe"

  • If a company responds saying they couldn't find your account:

״Hello and thank you for the reply!

Since you can't find my records, can you please confirm you're not holding any information about me?

Thank you,

Jane Doe"

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