Your digital footprint consists of personal data traces you leave behind every time you interact with a digital service. These traces could include different types of data, such as your name, email address, home or work address, phone number, credit card information, passport, social security, identification number, behavioral data, and much, much more👣

During your daily online interactions with digital services, you leave behind hundreds of digital traces. Mine discovered that almost 90% of these traces could be found through your emails' subject lines. Examples of these subject lines could be: "Welcome to Facebook" or "Your Amazon Receipt."

With Mine, you can explore your digital footprint and find out which companies are holding your data, so you can make informed decisions about where your data should be stored.

On the My footprint page, you can view all of the services that hold your data, divided into categories like "Easy to reclaim", "Services you rarely use", "Companies in industries with a high risk of data exposure" and many more. Moreover, you can initiate a deletion request for each service in your footprint. Learn how to take your first reclaim by following the steps in this article.

In each category, you will be able to view the services that excel in their privacy practices in your country, a list we update on a weekly basis. Typically, these services process and complete reclaim requests in less than 14 days and are easier to start with as you begin your initial journey towards reclaiming your data 💪

If you want to learn more about digital footprints in general, check out this article on our blog.✨

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