Once you discover how many companies hold your data, the most exciting part begins: getting back control over your own data.🤩

You might not know what to do next? Let's first get a general idea of your Mine account, which is divided into three main topics.


The personalized notification center in the Overview page will suggest your next best move and brings you to the My footprint page when you click "Take action." It also keeps you up to date on any changes in your digital footprint and shows you how much data ownership progress you've made!

My footprint

Here you can explore all of the services that hold your data. Your footprint can be filtered by the types of data companies hold about you and by how high the risk level is. For example, "Easy to reclaim", "Services you rarely use", "Companies in industries with a high risk of data exposure". By hovering over a company, you can click "Reclaim" to get more information about the service and start the reclaiming process.

My reclaims

On your Reclaims page, you will be able to view the status of your requests. Your requests will go through different stages, depending on their status. If you have a service that has not turned "Active" for a while, check out here what you can do about it.

Now that you have learned how the app is organized, you can follow the guidance of the pinned articles below to become a Pro using Mine. 💯

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