We appreciate the ease, convenience, and benefits of digital life. With that, there's no such thing as a riskless internet; data breaches happen. We firmly believe that your personal data is yours to own and yours to give away.

Mine helps you reduce unnecessary online exposure and minimize their potential risks. With continuous updates and smart insights on your data, Mine makes it easy for you to manage your data according to your choice without changing your online behavior. Thanks to the Mine app, you can control all your digital footprint decisions from one place, and with that, always have an overview of the whereabouts of your data and reclaim it with the click of a button. 🙌🏼

If you want to learn more about how to unlock your digital footprint, check out our articles here to get started today!

Does this mean I need to limit my use of the internet?

Not at all! We believe you should avoid data exposure and should be able to exercise your privacy rights. That does not mean you should not use digital tools. The traditional approach of the privacy industry is creating solutions that build fences around your use of the internet. Those walls ultimately hurt your online experience.

Alternatively, Mine makes it easy for you to minimize your online exposure and risks while you continue to enjoy the internet and its benefits without limitations. 🎉

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